Be smart and choose organic

Posted By on Dec 8, 2015 |

These days, a lot of people are getting sick and a lot of these people blame them on the food that they eat. They say that the food that they eat are inorganic or are grown artificially by giving fertilizers to the fruits and vegetables and giving feeds to the animals. Experts say that this argument may be true since it has been observed that people who eat organic foods are healthier than those who do not. Let us look on the reasons why people should go for organic food rather than those foods which are not organic.


The major reason why people should go for organic food is because it has no harmful chemicals. A lot of researchers say that the chemicals that are found in food that is being ingested contribute harmful effects to the body and may even lead to deadly diseases like cancer. Another reason why organic food is better is the fact that the food has more nutrients likeĀ organic maple syrup. Crops that have been fertilized lose its nutrient value. In addition to this, a lot of people say that organic foods taste better than inorganic food. If this is the case, people who eat these organic foods enjoy their foods better than those who do not. When it comes to eating meat products, organic meat is safe because it does not contain any chemicals or vitamins. For a fact, the meat that possess a lot of chemicals or medicines can also be ingested by the humans who eat them. This is the main reason that experts say that diseases are budding sporadically. Aside from that, organic crops protects mother nature as well. It aids in reducing pollution like water or land pollution. Lastly, choosing organic gives a big assurance to the consumers that the food that has been eaten is safe for people of all ages.

The next big issue here is on how to distinguish organic food from those which are not. It is the right of the consumers to know if they are eating organic or genetically modified foods. So, now let us find out on how to distinguish the different food that we eat. The first thing that people should do is to check on the label. The labels have number codes which tell if your food is organic or not. If the number code begins with the number four, it means that the food has been sprayed with pesticides. If there is a series of five numbers and the number eight starts up the series, then the food is genetically modified. Lastly, if the produce starts with the number nine, then the food that you are purchasing is organic likeĀ msm powder. Aside from that, a smart shopper checks the labels well for any harmful substances or additives.

In summary, organic food is healthy since it is being produced without adding something artificial. These foods are tastier and healthier. You will recognize them by checking the labels that are found in your food package. If it starts with number nine, then you are sure that the food is organic. However, if you are having a hard time looking for organic food, you can check online stores which sell them. See Heath Tree for more!